Committed to partnering to bring lasting change to our communities

We believe that a major part of the mission of the church, both corporately and individually is to be active in our communities; representing the love and compassion of Christ right where we are.

The church globally and throughout the centuries has helped forge foundation values and institutions that today in many ways we take for granted.  C3 Trust aims to uphold this pattern and, alongside many other members of the Christian community across the UK, do what we can to bring life, hope and opportunity to the communities we serve.

Our mission is to love people, not only with the message of the Gospel but by meeting the very real and practical needs people face.


We have over 20 years experience of building successful community projects in Sheffield.  Our church in Sheffield, C3 Hope, has a vision to create a vibrant community hub from its 54,000 ft2 building located close to one of the most disadvantaged areas of Sheffield and indeed the country.

The Hope Centre is not only home to the church, but throughout the week it is a hive of activity; meeting the needs of local people from food to friendship – from education to employment.

Through the work of our community charity, Hope Community Foundation, we are able to host and deliver a whole range of services to local people of all ages across what is one of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK today.

We work in partnership with others who share our social mission to get help and support where it is needed.  The Hope Centre has actively served Sheffield people since it was bought by the charity in 1998.  Over 20 years later we have seen thousands of local people supported.

If you would like to support our work financially contact or to make a one off donation directly to our community charity in Sheffield click here.

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Our charitable work, both through C3 Trust UK and Hope Community Foundation, could not happen without the continued confidence, support and generosity of individual doors and grant making trusts.  We are committed to partnering with our funders and other communities organisations and charities to continue to grow the scale and impact of our work in the community.  Here are some of those with whom we work and have worked.