Committed to making a difference and making disciples


C3 Trust UK is the collective name and charity representing a family of contemporary Christian churches operating throughout the United Kingdom. Each of our churches operates with local, visionary leadership to impact people’s lives for good and spread the good news of the Gospel.

We are a family of protestant churches, believing that salvation is found by grace and not by being ‘good enough.’ We are Pentecostal in our celebration of The Holy Spirit bringing joy, wisdom and power into our everyday lives. Our churches aim to communicate the timeless truths of the Bible in ways which will engage people of all ages today.

We passionately believe that the Gospel is Good News for people regardless of background, social and economic status and race.  We believe in a God of love who is love and who laid down His life in love to realign each of use with his perfect will be be in communion with Him.

Through our pastoral ministry and our social action our aim is to clearly convey that very same love both to followers of Christ and those of other faith or professing no faith.  We believe that Christ’s love and message is for everyone.

C3 Trust UK is led by an Executive Board comprising our Lead Pastors and Executive Officer, operating under the oversight of our Board of Trustees.  Spiritual Oversight is provided in conjunction with C3 Global under the leadership of European Directors Steve & Lizby Warren, based out of C3 Imagine Church in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

C3 Trust UK is a registered Charity No 1119791 and a company limited by guarantee No 05099100.
Our Registered Office is at The Hope Centre, Bernard Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S2 5BQ.


The Role of the Board

The Board of Trustees are the custodians of the charity and individually carry a passion to see the church strengthened and extended. Their role sits primarily around championing good governance, financial management and transparency and forming effective strategy and policy for the charity.

Chris Davies

Chris is the current Chair of the Board and has been part of the church in Sheffield for over 20 years and is an Independent Mortgage Adviser by profession. He is married to Louise and they have two children.

Anna Ibbotson

Anna has been a part of the church for over 10 years and is the Group Finance Director across C3 Trust UK and its subsidiaries. She has a strong desire to see churches established on the foundation of good stewardship and faith. She is married to Ben and they have 1 child.

Colin Davies

Colin along with his wife Dawn have been part of C3 Hope since 1991. Colin has been a trustee of C3 Trust UK since 2015 and has played a leading role throughout 2020 on behalf of trustees in helping to effect change at C3 Trust UK and has since been appointed in an Executive capacity working alongside Lead Pastors, as part of the Executive Board. They have twins who have now flown the nest and living ‘independent’ lives.

Dr Wale Olarinde

Wale and his wife Funso have been part of the church in Sheffield for almost 15 years. He is an Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon based in Sheffield. He was born and raised in north London and graduated from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria with clinical training at the University College Hospital.

Paul Benger

Paul is the Senior Pastor of Ikon Church, part of the Ground Level network of churches in the North of England. He is an accomplished church leader and has a strong desire to grow the church and see strong, healthy and vibrant churches being built across the UK. He is married to Jeannie and they have 3 children.

Miran Muthiah

Miran has been a part of the church in Sheffield for a number of years along with his wife and two children.  He is a professional teacher by training and profession and is also runs an estate agency business which operates in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire region.

Joanne Hemmingfield

Jo has been a member of C3 Hope for many years.  She is interested in bringing her experience of working across many organisations in strategic development, mental health and leadership to the work of the trustees.  Jo has two, grown-up children.


The Role of the Executive

The Executive Board exists to empower the church at a local level by strengthening leadership, management and governance across C3 Trust UK and to create a forum amongst our ministry leaders which promotes cooperation, collaboration and reciprocal learning.

Chris and Gosia Denham

Chris and Gosia and Lead are Pastors of C3 YRKS (in Leeds and York) and were trained at Cliff College, a qualified training centre of the Methodist Church. They joined Hope City upon their graduation. They have a heart to both raise disciples and reach the marginalized through Project Hope, their community Charity in Leeds. They have 2 children.

Colin Davies

As the Charity’s Chief Executive Officer, Colin plays a vital role as part of the Executive Board in providing both a bridge to our Board of Trustees in terms of communication and accountability, and being the lead member on matters of finance, risk, governance, policy and compliance as well as leading our Church Resourcing and Support Team.

David and Lisa Stoner

Dave and Lisa are Lead Pastors at C3 Liverpool and were trained at Kingdom Faith training college. They spent time ministering in Chorley, Lancashire before becoming the Lead Pastors in Liverpool. Their heart is to see the church rise in health and vitality and to see people enter into their full potential. They have 2 children.

Jo and Lois Willis

Jo and Lois are Lead Pastors of C3 Hope, based in Sheffield. They carry a heart for the church and a passion to reach their community in Sheffield through the work of Hope City Foundation. They have 3 children.

Gavin and Janine Gray

Gavin and Janine are the Lead Pastors of C3 York. They joined C3 Hope in January 2015 after 14 years serving as Youth Pastors, Associate Pastors, & Senior Pastors within the Assemblies of God movement. They joined C3 York in the summer of 2020 with the passion of raising up disciples who will impact their world. They have 2 children.